Micropack-Indonesia is a sole representative of Micropack products based in Hongkong with the most advanced technology. A genuine and high-quality management are already acknowledged and trusted by our users, we also continue to develop it with the full support and cooperation within coordination. On the next years, Micropack will be promoted to the global market and acquiring different distributors.

Micropack is always improving professional technology, product quality, and service awareness in order to fulfill the rapid change of market demand and offering our customers with more high quality and image products.

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Micropack Keyboard Wired Mouse Combo KM-2003
Micropack Mouse Gaming G3 7D
Micropack Power Bank 10.000 Mah Type C PB-10000C
Micropack Power Bank Mah Li-polymer P4000I
Micropack Wireless mouse MP-776W White
Micropack Boxer Powerbank 10000 mAh/ Power Delivery 18W PB-10KPD-DF-BK
Micropack Power Bank - Blazer - 10.000 Mah Type C PB-10KC
Micropack Power Bank 10000 Mah Li-polymer P10000
Micropack Power Bank 10400 Mah Li-ion 5 Port P104-5
Micropack Power Bank 12000 Mah Fast Charging Li-polymer PB-12000
-51 %
Micropack Power Bank 5200 Mah Li-ion P5200
Micropack Power Bank 6000 Mah Li-ion 2 Port P60-2